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Flower Petals

Finding your Centre

Ladies Group

The Power of Self-Acceptance

Relaxed Woman

If Your Want to Soar Through Life

You Must First Learn How to F.L.Y.

(First Love Yourself)

Mark Sterling

Drink tea

Pour some Tea

Get Comfy

and Join Us!


           Soothe your Soul,  

       calm your body & mind


           Self- Compassion


            and Acceptance

   Within 8 short weeks, you will start a                            Transformational,                    Life-Changing Journey, making new connections & awareness  with others & within yourself.

We are ONLINE so you can JOIN from Anywhere!

Capture the Beauty that is You

    And Experience  the  power of                       


~Understand how our nervous system is key to what is happening for us and why


~Discover the valuable tools that help us regulate our emotions and physical reactions to  challenging situations

~Learn the stepping-stones to developing your personal pathway; being grounded within the  self-awareness, knowing & acceptance that brings clarity, truth, joy and inner-peace    

~Recognize how self-love (or lack there-of) shows-up and steers our relationships and our lives

~ Find out how to fall in love with life and no longer be afraid to live authentically & fully 

Flower Petals
Almond Blossom

~ Partial proceeds of our groups go to help support the well-being of those suffering from trauma. For example, children, first responders or as a result of war, abuse, injustice, genocide, racism, diversity, oppression or exclusion ~

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1 - 604 - 385 - 3739

After we receive your registration form, you will receive an email with further payment instructions and Zoom link

Please NOTE:

If you are unable to submit the registration form or do not receive confirmation within 24 hrs., please call or email directly. Thank you!

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