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If you're ready for sustainable change, please click to get started. 

The approach is calm, safe, non-judgmental, personalized and transformational.

Plain & simple ~ it works!

It may, perhaps, work better than anything you've experienced or expected before. 


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We are committed to protecting and nourishing the healthy development of future generations.


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Trained & certified by Dr. Gabor Mate

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Dry Plants

Visiting Online: From the comfort of your own home, you can visit with Laura online.


We will do our best to accommodate your availability and time zone. 

Visiting In-Person:  

In-person visits are customized depending upon the individual.

Options include:

~ At Laura's home office & garden in Ocean Park, South Surrey. This location gives you the choice of visiting inside the office or outside in a private garden area. (Ocean Park is next to White Rock, B.C., and approx. 10 min from the Peace Arch Border crossing). 

~ In office at the South Terminal of YVR (Vancouver International Airport)

~At a local park or beach.

~In special circumstances, Laura will travel to you.

Please note: Depending upon the location, travel expenses may be applied. 

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Little Red Boots

    Working with Children  

Working with individual children is preferably done in-person and in a setting that is customized to the needs of the individual child and their situation. Please email directly to inquire further or to set up a visit for a child.

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