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The purpose       of counselling

where healing happens

To HEAL... means to become WHOLE.

The root meaning and origin of the word healing is to make well, sound and WHOLE.

And this is the whole point of therapy and counselling.

And where it happens, is, 

                  within you. 

It's within your own inner harbour.


Please continue to read below....

Healing and becoming Whole

I've heard people say they've tried counselling in the past however did not think the results were sustainable in the long term; and in some cases, they didn't think it was helpful at all. I've heard claims of feeling no better off and even worse after spending so much of their hard earned money.

Prior to being a registered counsellor and having further studies in developmental, attachment, and neuroscience psychology, I too, could make the same or similar claims. And it's not because of lack of care, concern or professionalism on the part of our helpers; and it's not across the board either. I've also heard about, and experienced first hand when counselling does make a difference. But what I've learned with certainty is that when we understand how our brains work and develop, everything else comes together, makes sense, and true sustainable healing can begin. 


There's a fundamental idea that if we become more aware of what we are doing and why we are doing it, we can then make better decisions and become happier and healthier. We can become liberated and free.

However, awareness and insight alone, can not liberate us. It's helpful and even necessary, but it doesn't liberate. There needs to be something else, something more. (in part, from Dr. Gabor  Mate)

That something more is what I can help you with. You will first become aware and then discover how to be in relationship with your feelings, as opposed to allowing your feelings to define or control you. That's the purpose of counselling. That's how we can truly heal and become whole. 

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