"This is all very interesting........but,


                  all I want to know is.....


         how can 'you', REALLY, help me"???

There was clear frustration in the voice of the (adult) person who asked me this question. And my response was a simple, yet complexed and ultimately profound one. I asked, "What would you like me to really help you with?" 

This question, which I needed to ask a few times, helped that person to take a moment, take a breath and look at everything from a new perspective. Which, subsequently led to complete understanding, appreciation and sustainable changes.

The things in life that were issues, began to make sense.

And from that place, true healing began.

...... my goal, and responsibility, is to compassionately, with patient, calm, purposeful , non-judgmental understanding and respect,  have you feel absolutely safe and fully supported, while we work together toward you being able to help yourself become completely healed....and whole. 

Where your true, authentic self will no longer struggle to be free. 

How I can "really" help is, supporting you as I gently guide you to a place of self discovery. Where you can honour, respect, give grace and patience to yourself, as you start to unravel exactly why you are where you are, why you feel how you feel, why you believe or think what you do, and how you can either change all of that, or start to accept, manage and live with it while maintaining overall contentment and peace. 

Even when there is trauma, other's  involved, diagnosed conditions, things that you don't think are your fault, responsibility, or are within your control,........even then.....I can help you, come to know how to help yourself. 

How this happens depends upon who you are, and where you are inside.

It may include one, some, or all of the following tools: 

Compassionate therapeutic talking, use of artistic expression (no art skills required), play therapy, writing, etc. It all depends upon you as an individual.

What has happened to, or for you. What you have done to, or for yourself,

is all important, but, the real healing will come when we unravel how you process(ed) it all. And how you will process things moving forward.

No matter what the reason is for you to have contacted me;

and whether it's for yourself, or for your child,

rest assured that the approach I take, and our time together, will be completely dedicated to helping you to heal. 

                         Thank you for your trust in me and in yourself.  

                       I can promise you, from personal experience,

                                 it's a journey well worth taking.


                                                                  In wellness and peace,

                                                                                         ~ Laura 


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