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Individual Counselling is available at different locations or via video calls.

You have the option of having Laura come to your home or a location that is most comfortable for you.

There is also the option of you coming to Laura's office or studio.

Everyone is different and require individual attention. Some people may need their own surroundings, others may not. Some people may like to be in nature while others may need to meet at a busy coffee shop, or in the privacy of an office or in the creative environment of the art studio.

Laura is dedicated to customizing everything according to each person's individual situation.

Child & Adolescent 

Laura is dedicated to the well being of children, adolescents and their families. As a proponent of attachment based parenting, Laura's focus is on developmental science and psychology.

Laura's calm, patient demeanour along with her positive, easy going nature, enables her to follow a child / adolescent's lead and let them set the pace. This helps build a trusting, safe and secure environment which facilitate the therapeutic relationship and fosters the ability to discover, understand and help. 


You have the option of having Laura come to you (house call),

specific site calls (eg. school), or you can meet at her office or art studio.

Laura believes every client and situation deserves personalized attention. 

The modalities used also depends upon the individual and the situation or nature of issues. This could include the use of art, play,

or simply therapeutic conversation designed to uncover, manage and/or heal from whatever is causing difficulties.   

Today's family units can be complex; involving multiple layers and dynamics. 

Depending upon the situation, the ages, and the people involved, family sessions are often held at the office in order to maintain a mutual level of consideration and respect.

The comfort level of everyone is vital in order for sustainable healing to happen.

Laura is a certified mediator / conflict resolution counsellor, with a focus on the science behind developmental psychology and attachment parenting. With the view of understanding and respecting the natural forces driving family units, Laura works with family members as individuals as well as building strong family units as a whole.

In family therapy, the client is the group, made up of individuals, each of whom have a voice and an important role and part in the successful cohesive unit. 


We have a natural need to belong. It is part of our brain's defense and survival mechanisms. This need is what fuels the world of social media.

This need is also part of what can make group therapy and support groups very beneficial.

Laura offers groups with a discussion based format as well as groups using an expressive arts based format. 

Most groups run for 6-8 weeks, meeting for 90 min, 1x/week.

Please note:

All groups are intentionally kept small to ensure maximum benefits for all.

Support groups give an opportunity to share a sense of comradery with others dealing  similar situations &  feelings. Understanding, encouragement and strategies to help improve circumstances & well-being are offered by other members with gentle guidance given by the group councillor or facilitator . Support groups can allow for much free expression time and group led conversations that flow naturally.

Therapy groups also have some freedom of expression time but in a much more structured way to help develop coping skills and techniques. The purpose is more therapeutic with the outcome goal of developmental growth, education & change. The predetermined issue(s) of focus are examined on a deeper therapeutic level.

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We Are


Having Coffee 

We. as parents, want to keep our kids safe and keep them close, as we support their growth and independence while they develop through to their teens and into adulthood. 

This conversational support group is lightly, counsellor guided, with strategies offered, as we talk about and give support for related issues that we, or our kids of all ages, may be facing.

For additional information or to sign up, please email: Innerharbourstudio@gmail.com    or call: 604-503-1975

            Next group starts Sunday April 07 - May 26, 2019