The        Approach 


 why it works

When we look at our challenges or struggles, from a developmental and neuroscience perspective, we can quickly start to understand what is happening and why.


No matter what type of adversities confront us, the conflict is a result of our brain trying to protect us from painful experiences. That is an instictual and primary job of the human and animal brain.


With this insight and knowledge, we are in a better position to deal with whatever it is we are facing and subsequently change the situation and transform our lives.


The approach that Laura offers comes from formal counsellor training in neuro and developmental science, attachment and psychological science combined with life experiences.

Laura's goal is to make sure that you feel safe, supported and heard while also helping you get to the place where you will have internal happiness and peace.

With compassion, respect, patience and understanding,

Laura will calmly and affectively help you find the path that is yours to take.