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About Laura 

Laura is a registered counsellor with an office & art studio at              Crescent Beach, South Surrey, B.C. Canada.    


Laura also makes house calls, specific location calls (eg. school, coffee shop, park bench) or Skype /Zoom.      

She will connect wherever & however it works best for you.

                            Message from Laura 

My personal story has included challenges that many people face. I've been blessed and inspired by supportive people and have gained the outlook that these adversities gave me the opportunity to understand and find my own strength & a chance to make life that which I desire it to be. I strive to continue to have the courage and humility to always be learning & developing myself and hopefully helping support others in their journey as well, just as I was supported.

I have a special interest in developmental science & psychology and am a proponent of attachment-based teaching and parenting.                             

As a counsellor to all ages, I do not limit myself, or my clients, to one singular method or style. I believe we are all individuals and require personalized attention. The desire is to  provide an environment and relationship that facilitates a secure place wherein one can be  heard, understood and discovered by themselves.


To release things naturally and with ease, may include the use of different modalities such as CBT, art, play, and a variety of techniques that help explore and address that which is causing difficulty or pain. This could also include the simple use of calm, relaxed, safe therapeutic conversation.


I do not want people to feel rushed or stuck. My goal is for people to feel helped and empowered within themselves.

Although I am solution orientated, I'm also one who is driven by patience and the belief that when the human spirit is most challenged, it is how we view things that determines what we see and where we will be. There is unlimited potential in all of us, and once one discovers this within themselves, they can change their life. 

Laura Terlizzi, RTC

Registered Counsellor

Related Qualifications

Laura is a former teacher and Head of the Visual Art Department at a private Fine Arts School. 

In 2012, Laura was honoured to be asked to produce an extensive solo art exhibition for the 2013 

New Westminster, B.C., Cultural Crawl. The exhibit was representing the story & voice of First Nations victims and survivors of residential schools and was on display in conjunction with the National Truth & Reconciliation Commission Summit. After lengthy research & interviewing processes, Laura was given the blessing and received approval and heartfelt appreciation from First Nation families. "Our ancestors must have been guiding her through the process." (words from the family of Chief Dan George).

In 2017, Laura was granted an award for Knowledge and Comprehension from the Vancouver College of Counsellor Training. 

Currently, Laura is an active Board Member for the national organization, ACCT, Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada. Laura's position on the board is, Internal & External Communications Liaison.

Formal Education Includes:

Graduated with honours with a Diploma of Professional Counselling

Vancouver College of Counsellor Training


Certified in the following areas:

Child & Adolescent Counselling Skills

Clinical Art Therapy Skills

Sexual Abuse Counselling

Substance Abuse Counselling

Introduction to Cognitive-Behavioural Counselling

Listening Asserting & Resolving Conflict

Chronic Illness Counselling

Loss & Grief Counselling

Introduction to Psychopathology

Models of Counselling

Case Study Approaches to Models of Counselling

Psychosocial Development

Basic Counselling Skills

Advanced Skills of Counselling

Integrative Counselling Skills

Personal & Professional Development

Additional Certifications:

Neufeld Institute (Developmental Psychology): Making Sense of Adolescents

Privacy and Information Sharing Awareness Training:

British Columbia Ministry of Citizens Services