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About Inner Harbour Studio

Inner Harbour Studio was formed in order to give everyone an emotionally safe place, to use creative art as a means of discovering and expressing their inner self. The use of art can be an incredible tool for both recovery and ongoing emotional hygiene.

Whether it be to heal from a serious trauma or simply for personal enjoyment, and everything in between, expressive art has been used for centuries.

The studio has 2 departments: -             - Counselling & Therapeutic Art 

                                                                              - Non Therapeutic Art Classes 

Counselling Studio:      Art, in therapy, is used as a non-verbal, or less verbal modality to help with discovery, insight, personal awareness, counsellor awareness, understanding and growth. Art can be a powerful form of communication that can effectively convey what may not be able to come out otherwise. 

Expressive or Therapeutic  Art is more about the process than the final piece. It DOES NOT require traditional art skills or technical ability. 

There is not only the potential for safe discovery when words can not be found, it also facilitates relaxing and calming affects to help relieve stress and anxiety, which creates the opportunity for additional understanding, healing and emotional healthiness. 

This, combined with effective counselling, can help in the management or recovery process no matter what the causes or issues may be. 


Art Class Studio:  The studio is also open for people to have the opportunity to get in touch with their creative self, learn traditional technical skills or simply enjoy a hobby with others. Art classes are kept small in order to facilitate personal attention. 


Please Note, the art class studio is not used for counselling or for any type of clinical or therapeutic reasons other than to induce relaxation, good emotional hygiene and to facilitate an emotionally healthy lifestyle overall. 

Expressive, Non-Clinically Therapeutic

Art Classes & Workshops

Drawing for


Adult drawing class.

No experience required 

Drawing for Beginners

Kids ages 4-6

Kids ages 7-9

Kids ages10-12

Upcoming for summer .....details soon!